Hiring Top Talent: 3 Proven Principles


Hire Top Talent for your Trades Business

Have you booked a lot of work in this off-season and now have a packed production schedule this summer? Are you worried about what it will take to find and hire the exceptional employees that you will soon need to deliver on all the sales you’ve booked?

After growing many multi-million dollar home service companies, we know that building an exceptional team starts with 3 proven principles. Implementing these in your recruitment process is the first step to bringing on the A-players you need to have a successful and profitable year.

Key #1 – The Ideal Candidate Profile

Finding and hiring the best employees for your trades business requires a shift in the way you look at recruiting, and understanding that it is actually a marketing and sales process. 

Like all other forms of marketing, you must begin by understanding the individual that your marketing initiatives are targeting. In recruiting, always start by building an Ideal Candidate Profile and use it as the foundation of your recruiting campaign and interview process messaging.

To do this, begin by thinking about the best people you’ve ever seen in the position you’re looking for, and list out their:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Core values
  • Key skill sets
  • What they are looking for in a job
  • What they may be fearful of

Key #2 – Sales Based Recruitment Ads

The messaging in all recruitment ads must be highly targeted to the type of individual you’re looking to attract, and is therefore based on the Ideal Candidate Profile. 

Regardless of whether ads are on recruiting websites, emailed out to your network, or spread over social media, they must “sell” the role to the specific type of people you want on your team.

The most important sections of hiring ads are:

  • A subject that instantly captures their attention (rather than just listing the name of the role)
  • An introductory sentence that speaks to them and motivates them to read on
  • A company background that sells to their needs
  • A description of duties that is appealing based on the specifics of what they’re looking for in a job
  • A very clear “Call to Action” that asks them to submit an application more thorough than just a resume

Key #3 – The Conversion Call Script 

Have you ever received an application from a rockstar candidate and set them up for an interview, only to have them cancel or not show up?

We know that strong candidates have a lot of options and get recruited hard. Because of this, it is important to have a well thought-out Conversion Call plan that you follow every time you call a strong candidate and set them up for an interview. To be effective, you must approach this phone call with a balance of getting them excited about the role and also maintaining power and control.

To achieve this, it is best to have a prepared Conversion Call Form that you follow and capture specific notes about the candidate to continue selling the role effectively in the interview. A Conversion Call should last 10-15 minutes, engaging the candidate, and following this structure:

  • Opening check in and rapport build
  • Understanding their current work or school situation
  • Understanding what they’re looking for in a job and their core needs
  • Giving them a “helicopter tour” of the company and role that is targeting to their specific needs
  • Exploring their past work experience and explaining the further learning and development they’ll get in your company
  • Checking for key deal breakers
  • Setting up a thorough interview with all details and expectation outlined

To help you understand these 3 keys, we’ve put together a Hiring Guide with template examples of each one that you can use as a guide, and also adjust for your business. As a bonus, there is also a How-To manual explaining the steps involved in understanding each of the forms and setting them up for use in your company. Let’s get recruiting!

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