If you’re an entrepreneur, you know it can be a lonely journey. Your social circle, family and even staff don’t always have an understanding of the day-to-day choices and challenges you face. In most cases, it’s hard to find others around you that can identify with your entrepreneurial journey and provide perspective that can help you effectively overcome new obstacles that you don’t have personal experience with. There are so many reasons why having a strong peer network can make all the difference for an entrepreneur, but here are two big ones:

You can stay ahead of the curve.

The modern business environment is a space where change happens at a rate that is difficult to comprehend and impossible to control. With the accelerating speed of information’s transmission around the globe; it is essential that the established habits, patterns, and routines of owners and their businesses are subjected to review and critique in order to remain on the profitable side of the market’s bell curve (see ARROW below):


*Bell Curve of profitable businesses in the marketplace

Entrepreneurs’ most valuable commodity is time. In a world where change is inevitable and finding the time and solitude to build an efficient plan seems out of reach; how can business owners determine if their strategies and decisions are sound? The options related to technology, sales, and process improvements are endless. Connecting with other entrepreneurs who have had a similar overall journey, but a different set of specific experiences, can help provide the input and direction that you might be missing.

You can work smarter, not harder.

Peer to peer interaction is necessary when trying to navigate the pathway(s) to success. The collective experiences of multiple persons sharing information brings the effectiveness of each individual to a higher level of play. Entrepreneurs who have the introspective awareness and humility to step outside of themselves and compare notes with their peers are at a colossal advantage and greatly increase their chances of reaching success. Every success story comes to fruition on the tail end of a series of small and correct decisions. When business owners share their strategies they give themselves the opportunity to gather valuable intel by learning from the knowledge and mistakes of their peers. This process of critique and review causes the span of time between a business strategy’s implementation and end target to narrow because key elements will have been confirmed by other entrepreneurs who have embarked on challenging and educational journeys.

There is a common belief that hard work in life will manifest success. This is only partly true. A strong work ethic will only reach a desired outcome if it has been navigated efficiently through the myriad of ever changing strategic options in the marketplace. The aid to this successful navigation is found through collaboration between like-minded peers.

At Breakthrough Academy we are so excited to be hosting our 5th summit in Breckenridge, Colorado on January 10 – 12. Here our members will join together on a podium of collaboration and personal growth. Check out the video of last year’s summit, below.

We look forward to seeing what exciting journeys await in 2019!!

Paul Atherton,
Business Coach
Breakthrough Academy

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