The 2019 BTA Referral Trip is right around the corner! This November, we’re taking a select group of BTA members to the Mexican Baja to have some fun on the beach, and to offer some help to the local community. While we enjoy the warm weather, we’ll be building houses for two local families in the town of Ensenada. And with a team made up of BTA Members and Staff leading the charge, you know they’ll be built to last!

The BTA Referral Trip is an exclusive annual trip, our way of thanking the BTA members who have helped grow our community across North America. This year, we want to come together as a group to give back with our time and efforts, and to continue building communities wherever we go.

The Greatness Foundation

We’ve partnered with The Greatness Foundation, who has matched us with two wonderful families in Ensenada that we’re excited to help. The Arenas Méndez family has lived in Ensenada for three years after emigrating from Veracruz due to a lack of work opportunities there. José Guadalupe Arenas and Gerarda Mendez Calletano live with their two-year-old son Deibid, Gerarda’s sister Nicolasa, and her husband Ermenegildo.

Jose’s brother lent them the materials with which they built their house. It was the brother’s old house, and they took it apart and reassembled it on Jose’s land. However, now they need to return the borrowed materials because the owner is returning from Veracruz and wants to reassemble the house on his own land.

The Santiago family moved to Ensenada three years ago, after their old house was destroyed by the rising river during rains and flooding. After relocating, Jaquelina Guendolay Santiago now lives with her youngest son Luis, his wife Rosalba, their baby Yarexi, and Jaquelina’s brother Roberto.

After Jaquelina and her husband separated, she worked with four of her children to save up enough money to buy her own plot of land. They’ve worked hard to build their current house with the few materials they could find, and the BTA team is excited to help them out.

We can’t wait to head down to Mexico with our members next month! This year’s trip is from November 14-16. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see highlights from the trip!

For any BTA members that are wondering how they can qualify for the referral trip, connect with your coach for all the details.

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