Last week we came back from one of the most extraordinary events we’ve ever hosted (and personally speaking, that I’ve ever attended), and I wanted to share what we all experienced.

For those not already a part of the BTA community, the context here is that we host three different member events annually. Our Referral Adventure Trip was specifically designed to help strengthen our community, but more importantly, give us the ability to say thank you through experiences to those members that referred someone to BTA.

This year’s Referral Adventure Trip took the BTA team and members who referred BTA to rural Mexico, where we built two homes for two families who had been living in very challenging conditions. While there, we also had an opportunity to give our love and time to three orphanages, provide food to 20 families in a migrant camp, and deliver meals for over 150 families at Campo de Esperanza – a camp focused on empowering families through education, sports, and community.

This was the largest give-back project that we’ve ever done, and the level of heart-connection that we experienced was amazing. We had a ton of fun building together, but more importantly, we got to impact people’s lives in a tremendous way and understand how much each of us can impact the world when we put our hearts and mind towards it.

With that being said, you can watch a recap of our 2019 Referral Adventure Trip below, and I also encourage you to go check out the full album on Facebook to absorb more of what was captured.


With a team of just under 50 people between BTA staff and members, we set our sights on building two homes for two different families in record-setting time – and we did it!

Even after having arrived at the build site hours later than anticipated, and losing an hour every day to daylight savings time, the BTA team worked together so fluidly and crushed our goal!

Who knows – maybe next house build, we’ll have enough BTA members attending to help us set a record for most homes built in one trip!


Over the course of the Referral Adventure Trip, both BTA staff and members had the privilege of going to multiple orphanages (one of which housed children with special needs), a migrant camp, and Campo de Esperanza.

Although under-staffed and with minimum resources available,  these organizations are providing shelter, safety, food, education, love, laughter, and hope to children and families in need. You wouldn’t believe how grateful these children are for just a bit of your time and attention…

We delivered food, smiles, hugs, and hope with the short amount of time we had available. And from what many shared during the trip, what they received back was priceless; perspective, being one of the most commonly shared.


We gave it our all while we were there and the people we impacted were beyond grateful. At the end of the trip, a priest joined the BTA community and the families in blessing the people involved in the build, as well as the families and their new homes.

This was one of my most memorable moments. To hear the stories from the families personally on how our collective acts have provided them with hope, and shelter from the elements. One of the families shared with us that they lived under a tarp, and when it stopped raining outside, it continued to rain inside on them and their newborn baby.

With this no longer being a concern, they can now focus on building up their own lives, and contributing back to making their own community a better place.

Don’t forget to check out the full album on Facebook!

And for those of us that are leaders: as both your business and the reach of your leadership grows, I would encourage you to think about what you can do to make the world a better place – both inside and outside your business. This trip was an eye-opener for us in how easily a desire and commitment can change people’s lives forever, and create a lasting ripple effect as others do the same.

In closing, I am incredibly proud of the community we have here at Breakthrough Academy and what we accomplished together. A tremendous thank you to the below BTA team, members, and organizations who attended and made these homes a reality.

They are listed below.


James Dale

Adam Pio – Aztec Landscaping

Alex Camargo – Insight Service Solutions

Brandon Comstock – Landscapers by Nature

Brandon Smith – New Vision Projects

Cliff Peterson – Five Star Painting of San Diego

Brian Diamond – Quality Home Exteriors

Cory Byron – Vancity Electric

Curt Janzen – Beyond Foam

David Vegt – Legend Stoneworks

Patrick Quinn – PRQ Exteriors

Dustin Hunter – Ace of Diamonds Painting

Henri Belisle – TQ Construction

Jacob Kuiken – Everton Ridge

Kelly Niessen – Condo Kandy

Mike Vandergugten – Higher Ground Landscaping

Graeme Bouvier – Bow Home Services

Scott Foran – 505 Junk

Sean Tobin – TCA Electric

Shawn Mahon – Great Heights Building Maintenance

Steve Golz – Jask Metals

Toby Woodiwiss – Woodiwiss Painting

Igor Trninic – BTA

Paul Atherton – BTA

Dan Stav – BTA

Brad Copes – BTA

Dan Dasko – BTA

Brayden Russell – BTA

Ryan Gabel – BTA

Mike Estey – BTA

Ian Ouwerkerk – BTA

Jane Kluk – BTA

Benji Carlson – BTA

Caitlin Fraser – BTA

Brendon Toyne – BTA

Simon Uden – BTA

Kaite Fulmore – BTA

Matt Dimock – BTA

Andrea Heembrock – BTA

Michael Hale – BTA

Jack Hallet – BTA

Dave Coughlan – BTA

Baja Bound Ministries

Baja Love Outreach

The Greatness Collective

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