Freelance Event Photographer

Do you want to document epic events for the 32nd fastest-growing company in Canada?

Do you have the skills and tools required to capture the emotion and connection of people in an authentic way that doesn’t require prompting?

Do you have the technical prowess required for taking shots in different lighting and environments and editing them in a way which produces clearly focused assets?

Are you excited at the opportunity of traveling North and South America and collaborating with our Head of Marketing on documenting our staff, members, and the impact we are having on this world?

If the above has you pumped, you’re definitely going to want to keep reading…

About Breakthrough Academy

We run a ridiculously fast-growing company that helps entrepreneurs in the trades grow their businesses by implementing excellent operational systems into their companies.

Our proprietary training program brings systemization to a company’s operations, develop an entrepreneur’s core business skills, and holds accountability to goals along a clear business plan.

Breakthrough Academy is now four years old and growing rapidly with about 300 business owners developing in the program, and an awesome team of 25 running the show. We’ve seen extraordinary growth so far and we’re well on track to continue our growth pattern.

We host 4-6 awesome events every year and are looking for a talented and experienced freelance Event Photographer to join us and document the BTA community and experience.

This is where you come in.

We Want to Speak to You if:

  • You are a seasoned freelance photographer (contractor) with adventure and event photography experience and have the bandwidth to document the numerous events we put on throughout the year.
  • You are able to freely travel to and from Canada, the US, and Mexico (and who knows where else in the future!).
  • You are great with people and are fearless in giving the direction needed to get the required shots.
  • You are funny enough to be able to get people to authentically laugh and have a good time; not just put on a fake smile for the camera. You have to be adept at anticipating great moments in order to capture authentic, unstaged shots!
  • You have the photo and video equipment needed to take all of the required high-resolution shots. This would include a high-quality camera that can shoot photos and video, and preferably a drone for aerial shots.
  • You understand the end usage for assets you create and take enough shots to accommodate those needs (i.e. widescreen horizontal shots for web usage; square shots for Instagram; etc).
  • You understand and apply photo and video compression to meet current web standards.
  • You’re comfortable pivoting as priorities shift and you surf the wave with a giant smile, all the while remaining calm and collected.
  • You’re incredibly resourceful, seek solutions to solve problems, and demonstrate relentless tenacity in your craft.


As Our Event Photographer, We Expect You to:

  • Coordinate with the Head of Marketing to ensure you are prepared to document all of the BTA events throughout the year.
  • Communicate with the Head of Marketing, along with other key members of the BTA team, to have a thorough understanding of the assets you will be creating, and how we will need them delivered.
  • Direct and photograph the experience of members and staff at key BTA-owned events, the staff at speaking engagements, and potentially other events as they develop.
  • Secure, set up, and maintain the necessary equipment required to capture the needed footage.
  • Identify and edit the gem photos that align with our needs, and delivering those in the required formats and styles.
  • Contributing ideas for the types of assets we should create to help communicate the energy and spirit of the BTA community, as well as help position us as the most trusted brand in the trades business education space.

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The Benefits:

  • Work with an amazing team with other high-performers who work hard and have a ton of fun together.
  • Document the journey and impact of an organization that is trailblazing new paths in an uncharted world.
  • Enjoy some cool travel perks where you can experience unique locations in Canada, the US, Mexico and other countries doing what you love!
Join BTA Team
Join BTA Team
Join BTA Team

Experience Required:

  • 5+ years’ as a professional photographer, preferably in event photography.
  • 3+ years editing photos using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, or similar software.
  • Strong work ethic, professionalism, confidentiality, and good judgment.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication.
  • Strong project management and facilitation skills using G Suite, PowerPoint and project management systems.
  • Passion for continuous improvement and sharing best practices.


What’s Next?

Download the BTA Moodboard for ideas of the types of shots we want to capture.

If the above sounds like you and you’re ready to take on an awesome new adventure, click the button below to send us your resume and portfolio.

* Don’t forget to include your portfolio with relevant photos in order to be considered!