What We Do

The proven system to growing a successful service company:

  • Planning & Financial Budgeting

    • Understanding your cash flow and spending
    • Setting budgets to maximize profitability
    • Creating a weekly sales and production plan to achieve your specific goals
  • Structuring Your Company

    • Defining roles, job descriptions, and accountabilities for everyone in your company
    • Setting up weekly goal setting and reporting for you and your team
    • Implementing technology to streamline communication across marketing, sales, and production
  • Leading Your Workforce

    • Learning professional recruiting and interviewing to hire A talent
    • Proper onboarding and training of staff to increase retention
    • Holding accountability to optimize productivity
  • Marketing

    • Building an optimized residential marketing program
    • Generating leads for commercial work
    • Optimizing your online presence to generate and convert leads
  • Sales

    • Optimizing your sales process
    • Developing material that sells for you
    • Learning professional sales to maximize your closing ratio
  • Execution & Goals

    • Strategic planning
    • Bi-weekly Goal Setting
    • Focusing your daily activity to achieve a specific goal

Breakthrough Academy specializes in guiding you through these elements that will allow you to achieve the results you deserve.

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