Kendra Golemme

Marketing Operations Manager

During her 15+ year career Kendra has helped an impressive number of B2B and B2C’s at various stages of growth scale their business through tailored digital marketing strategies. With a front row seat to the marketing evolution, she discovered a true passion a few years back for the inbound marketing philosophy, and dove right in. Her analytical mind, deep knowledge of data and content, and interest in the human psyche is what enables her to help companies attract new clients by tracking buyers’ journeys and implementing strategies to help nurture them until they are ready.

Kendra joins Breakthrough Academy with a wealth of marketing experience having had exposure to many incredible companies over the years. A business owner herself, she also understands the complexities behind running and growing a company. As the Marketing Operations Manager, Kendra is excited to be working alongside the BTA marketing team and execute digital marketing strategies that truly speak to contractors ready to take their business to the next level.

When she’s not tracking data, Kendra can be found in the great outdoors, hiking and adventuring with her two kids, playing volleyball, and fuelling her passion for fitness. She also loves spending quality time with family, games nights with her friends, and baking up a storm in the kitchen!