Breakthrough Academy
Masters Circle

This program is built specifically to help you tackle new challenges and questions that arise once you’ve developed the fundamentals of management and leadership. Upon completion of the BTA Management System you will focus on becoming more strategic, creating a balanced lifestyle, intelligently reinvesting your profits, and having massive impact.


You’ll Be Part Of The Most Exclusive, Highly Vetted Peer Group In The Industry

Breakthrough Academy’s Masters Circle is a group of carefully vetted and selected BTA members with similar ambitions in their business and life. There is a robust eligibility criteria to make sure that everyone belongs “at the Masters Circle table.”

You’ll Learn Robust Topics From Leading Experts

We will bring in experts to speak to areas in which they have high levels of proficiency, such as:

  • Business expansion
  • Investing profits
  • Tax and corporate structure
  • Community leadership
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Fitness

You’ll Have Access to 1-on-1 Coaching, Online, and In-Person Events

You will attend online monthly meetings, quarterly in-person events, and have high-level 1-on-1 coaching. Member accountability will be a huge part of the Masters Circle program.

5 Disciplines
of Mastery

1. Business

  • Annual & Quarterly strategic planning and review
  • Monthly KPI Trending
  • Refining concepts of the BTA Management System
  • Learning to maximize your time
  • Creating new businesses or expansions
  • Implementing a succession plan

2. Leadership

  • Articulating and getting buy-in on your vision
  • Creating and keeping a kick-ass culture
  • Empowering your team to be drivers of mastery
  • Growing leadership capital
  • Developing servant leadership style
  • Building high-performance teams

3. Wellness

  • Attaining your physical potential
  • Looking into your spiritual side
  • Creating an environment where you flourish
  • Interacting in enriching social circles
  • Handling life’s emotional ups and downs
  • Building a strong mental well being

4. Relationships

  • Forging the best relationship with yourself
  • Having meaningful relationships with friends
  • Showing up for your family
  • Being the best partner to your spouse
  • Strengthening your community
  • Building better relationships in your workplace

5. Wealth

  • Giving back to others
  • Investing in publicly traded companies
  • Investing in private/direct investments
  • Setting up trusts
  • Protecting your money
  • Structuring your business and holding companies for maximum tax efficiency

What does the Masters Circle program look like?

Monthly Online Meetings

  • Monthly review and setting business goals
  • Monthly review and setting personal goals
  • Peer breakout groups to connect, decompress, and build deep relationships

Quarterly In-Person Meeting

  • These will be additional days connected to our Major Events
  • Special Keynote speakers/guests that will discuss important topics
  • Downtime to connect

Individually Focused 1:1 Coaching

  • Access to the Masters Circle coach Dan Stav
  • As needed coaching
  • Strategic reviews and planning

Eligibility Criteria

Breakthrough Academy has set the bar high for eligibility into Masters Circle. We will audit 5 areas of your business to ensure the highest standard is maintained to be a part of The Masters Circle.

1. Competency Audit on the BTA Management System

Members have completed the selected 50 sessions & competency models

2. Business Size Audit

Members have a minimum revenue or organizational size

3. Leadership Team Audit

Members have an established leadership team in place

4. Financial Audit

The business has a track record of financial strength

5. Fit Audit

Members are aligned with the BTA culture

1. Competency Audit on the BTA Management System

Full completion and implementation of all the following modules, according to their Competency Models from the BTA Toolbox:

  1. Strategic Planning and Mindset
  2. Building Your Budget and Forecasting
  3. Building Your Sales and Produced Revenue Plans
  4. Organizational Structure, Deliverables, and Accountabilities
  5. Reporting Systems
  6. Goal Setting
  7. Quarterly Strategic Planning
  8. Marketing Strategy
  9. Branding Strategy
  10. Analyzing Marketing Plans
  11. Pricing Strategy
  12. Sales Processes
  13. Professional Selling
  14. Creating an Exceptional Customer Journey
  15. Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
  16. Recruiting Top Talent
  17. Selling Top Talent
  18. Professional Interviewing 1
  19. Professional Interviewing 2
  20. Onboarding a key Employee
  21. Employee Experience
  22. Effective Team Meetings
  23. Managing Stress
  24. Time and Priority Management for Leaders
  25. GSR Meeting and Preparation
  26. Conducting GSR
  27. Cash Flow Management
  28. Cash Flow Review
  29. Building SOPs
  30. Implementing SOPs
  31. Building Training Programs
  32. Building a Safety Program
  33. Annual Strategic Review
  34. Annual Strategic Planning
  35. Coaching 1
  36. Coaching 2
  37. Leading Situationally
  38. Holding Accountability
  39. Financial Trending
  40. Problem Solving
  41. Performance Reviews
  42. Building Standardized Estimating
  43. High Performance Team Events
  44. Effective Facilitation of Events
  45. Identifying Leaders and Promoting from Within
  46. Career Meetings
  47. Critical Discussions
  48. Managing Change
  49. Financial Statements 101
  50. Compensation Strategies

2. Business Size Audit

  • Track record of doing a minimum of $2 million in Annual Revenue or
  • The business must have 20+ active people in the organization. This can consist of subcontractors and/or employed staff, but they must be full time in their contributions to the organization

3. Leadership Team Audit

The business must have a leadership team of 2 or more who are responsible for coaching and managing a team within their silo of the business. This can consist of the following types of leadership roles:

  • Production Management
  • Financial Controllers
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Office Management

The following items must be fully implemented for the 2+ leadership roles:

  1. Ideal Candidate Profiles/Job Description
  2. Job Advertisements
  3. Conversion/Interview forms
  4. Employment Agreements
  5. Onboarding/Offboarding plans
  6. GSRs
  7. Performance Review
  8. Career Development plans
  9. Competency Models
  10. SOPs

4. Financial Performance Audit

  • Minimum of 10% Net Profit after owners salary/dividends

If a business is not generating 10% Net Profit within the last fiscal year, BTA will audit the businesses Balance Sheet or other ventures to determine the financial strength of the member/business.

5. Fit Audit

  • The member has attended at minimum two BTA major events
  • Has the time & space to actively contribute as member of the Masters Circle
  • Coach recommendation on fit with BTA Values
    • Be Real
    • Embrace the journey
    • Genuinely care about people

Masters Circle Pricing


$3,000/month per business

Additional cost of $1,000/month for additional partners

This includes the Masters Circle Membership + the following for all in person events

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Speakers
  • Socials
  • Activities


The next Masters Circle information session for the April 2022 intake will be on January 27th at 1pm PT.