Get the EXACT cashflow dashboards, employee manuals, and daily management tools used by the top 4% of roofers…


Reclaim your time — without sacrificing growth

When you run a roofing company, and you’re great at what you do — work floods in …
and your operations can spin out of your control.

– Clients badger you with never-ending requests
– Crews keep calling you for simple questions (and lean on you for everything)
– And all the while, your margins give you migraines.

You shouldn’t have to give up your health, family, and sanity to build a thriving business…
but it feels like taking your foot off the gas could destroy your company (making all your sacrifices worthless).

The good news? The Contractor Growth Method is a proven playbook for growing your company in 2024. You can quickly tailor it to your specific challenges—and you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Since 2015, Breakthrough Academy has supported more than 837+ rapid-growth roofers — injecting their businesses with the infrastructure they need to scale, make more money, and work a lot less.

With the Contractor Growth Method — and industry-vetted coaching — you can take back control of your business (and your life) in months.



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The Program

Worth noting, results like these are COMMON amongst Breakthrough Academy Members.

No BS. All results.

The average Breakthrough Academy member experiences after 1 year:

Annual Member Revenue
Average Revenue Increase
Average Net Profit Increase
Average Hours Worked Less Per Week

You can’t outwork a dysfunctional business

Have you ever wondered why some roofers grow to a cool, calm $10MM…
while most plateau while grinding out 60-hour weeks?

We tracked 1,217 leading independent contractors over 7 years in the world’s first Contractor Breakthrough Analysis.

For an average of 30 months, we gained unrestricted access to their

▶️management decisions,
▶️and personal habits.

This uncovered 6 UNEXPECTED patterns shared by the most profitable 7, 8, and 9-figure contractors.

Join Benji Carlson as he reveals the findings of the Contractor Breakthrough Analysis.

He’ll ALSO show you the actionable results of our findings: The Contractor Growth Method. These are playbooks customizable by industry, location, size, expertise, and more.

This is one of the longest-running analyses of successful contractors in North America.
But don’t be fooled — this isn’t a stuffy university lecture…

This web class is EXCLUSIVELY for 7-figure contractors who want to ask questions, gain insights from industry goliaths, and come away with meaningful action steps.

This is the #1 reason why you should book a call, right now…

We’ve helped 837 rapid-growth roofers contractors — just like you — reclaim their time (without sacrificing growth).

And we can show you EXACTLY how.

Google all you want — we have more raving member reviews than anyone else in this space.
(We dare you to find a coaching service that has more industry-specific expertise.)

If changing your relationship to your business is a priority to you — don’t put it off.

Warning: this is NOT a generic business coaching program. It is exclusively for experienced roofing and trades business owners generating at least $750K.

If your company is producing less than $750K, you won’t be able to take advantage of the systems built for someone with a team. Our specialized playbooks won’t make sense if you’re not in roofing.

Patrick Readyhough - SOP
Patrick Readyhough - SOP
Patrick Readyhough - SOP

We’ll just let these numbers speak for themselves.

Josh Martin
Josh Martin
Josh Martin
Anthony Langdon - Path to $10MM
Anthony Langdon - Path to $10MM
Anthony Langdon - Path to $10MM

BTA helped us gather focus in the right direction and showed us exactly what we needed to do in order to run our business.

Brandon Smith

New Vision Projects
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BTA is more than just a program, it’s really a group and a network of great guys.

Adam Krahn

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BTA gave me the tools. They showed me that I can be profitable, they showed me that I can make money.

Chris O’Donohue

Great Canadian Landscaping
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Don't reinvent the wheel when you can drive on one already perfected.

Brad Lavigne

Eco Paving
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