Tame the chaos within your business.

Building a successful trades business takes guts and a hell of a lot of hard work. Taking it to the next level demands even more than that. The Breakthrough Academy was created to help you evolve from being a doer of all things to a builder of smart systems and a leader of great people.

You started your business with a dream and a vision. After hundreds of endless workdays, rising stress levels and too much resting on your shoulders, it’s common to see your vision turn into a distant dream.

Breakthrough Academy is here to help you push through those constraints and focus on the task of making your business more efficient, profitable and yeah we’ll say it, fun.

To accomplish this, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We provide you with smart and innovative solutions to your biggest and smallest issues. Then we give you the consistent coaching you need along the way, and a community of peers to share the big challenges and big wins with. To be blunt, you get everything you need to be the balanced and thriving entrepreneur you want to be.

What We Do

Tailor made for the trades, we bring strong structure to your entire business and anchor it with clear achievable goals.


Planning and Financial Budgeting


Effective Organizational Structure


Professional Recruiting and Hiring


Training and Leadership


Structured Marketing and Sales Process


Goal Setting and Execution


Planning and Financial Budgeting

  • Setting budgets to maximize profitability
  • Creating weekly sales and production plans to achieve annual revenue targets
  • Understanding seasonal cash flow and spending
  • Efficient tax strategy
  • Recession-proofing your business

Structuring Your Company

  • Defining your organizational structure
  • Building job descriptions for everyone in your company, with clear roles, goals and deliverables
  • Setting up weekly goal setting and reporting for you and your team
  • Implementing technology to streamline communication across marketing, sales and production
  • Documenting and standardizing all processes in the company

Professional Recruiting and Hiring

  • Developing the strategy to recruit top talent in your industry
  • Professional interviewing tactics to predict people’s future behavior
  • Matching personalities to the correct roles
  • Effective onboarding and expectation setting to maximize retention

Training and Leadership

  • Building standardized team training programs
  • Coaching key management staff for long term retention
  • Holding accountability to maximize team productivity
  • Managing healthy conflict within your team
  • Implementing annual performance reviews
  • Succession planning and delegation of your current role

Structured Marketing and Sales Process

  • Building a proactive marketing campaign that attracts your ideal clients
  • Optimizing your in-field and online brand presence
  • Developing accurate estimating and pricing strategy
  • Standardizing a replicable sales process
  • Learning professional sales to maximize closing ratios

Goal Setting and Execution

  • Building Business Plans with quarterly reviews
  • Bi-weekly goal setting to hold you accountable
  • Time and Priority Management for leaders
  • Managing stress in pursuit of goals
  • Implementing systems that pull you out of the day-to-day

The Program

Purpose-built for your trades business.

Develop the skills and processes necessary to increase profits and improve work-life balance, all without disrupting the day-to-day running of your business.


Pull up a chair. Grab a drink.

Your community is right here. We’re likeminded entrepreneurs who love to get together and challenge ourselves. Every time we connect it’s all about sharing great ideas, good times and crazy stories.


Learn How to Build Your Annual Strategic Plan to Dominate 2021

Your and your company’s success is directly tethered to your ability to see the bigger picture, create a crystal clear path on how you’re going to make it a reality, and then effectively communicate that to your team.

Register for our upcoming webinar, where you’ll get the know-how, tools, and support you need to build and implement your own one-page strategic plan, so you can set your company up for success in 2021 and beyond.

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Thursday, November 19th
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No BS. All results.

We’ll just let these numbers speak for themselves.

Annual Member Revenue
Average Revenue Increase After 12 Months in The Program
Average Net Profit Increase After 12 Months in The Program
Good Times Had

BTA helped us gather focus in the right direction and showed us exactly what we needed to do in order to run our business.

Brandon Smith

New Vision Projects
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BTA is more than just a program, it’s really a group and a network of great guys.

Adam Krahn

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BTA gave me the tools. They showed me that I can be profitable, they showed me that I can make money.

Chris O’Donohue

Great Canadian Landscaping
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Don't reinvent the wheel when you can drive on one already perfected.

Brad Lavigne

Eco Paving
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