Top 10 Contractor Evolution Takeaways for 2024

Top 10 Contractor Evolution Takeaways for 2024

Handle 2024, no matter what it’s got in store. Here are the ten most important Contractor Evolution podcast episodes you need going into the New Year.

We’re headed for recession! No. Wait. Inflation’s still out of control! Uh. Hang on. Everything’s gonna be fine! Or. Maybe not!

If 2023 was anything to go by, 2024 could be a wild ride.

As part of creating the Contractor Evolution podcast, we’re fortunate to speak with a lot of whip-smart business experts from the trades industries, and to help you face the uncertainty of the upcoming year, we’ve put together a list of the ten most insightful episodes that will prepare you for, well… anything.

It was no small feat to whittle the list down to just ten, since every episode is packed with wisdom, but we’ve focused on topics that address the most current trends, market conditions and ongoing challenges.

So whether 2024 turns out to be a bucking bronco or a calm clydesdale… you’ll be secure in your saddle.

Giddy up.

The Episodes (in no particular order…)

1. 4 Tactics to Put Your Referrals on Steroids - with Brian Kaskavalciyan

🌟 Why it made the list: Do you know where your customers will come from in 2024? As we cross into the New Year with an economy that feels like it may have hit the egg nog a little too hard, this episode will teach you how to build stability by turning your current customers into your most dependable referral machine. 

In this episode, contractor marketing expert and author of The 7 Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor, Brian Kaskavalciyan, unveils 4 Tactics to Put Your Referrals on Steroids. You’ll also learn how Google reviews can position your company as an industry leader and keep the wheels turning on your nurture program for many years to come.

2. What’s Your Business REALLY Worth? -  with John Warrillow

🌟 Why it made the list: Waves of baby boomers are reaching retirement – over 4 million next year alone. (Welcome to the Silver Tsunami.) If you’re immersed in the daily demands of your projects, staff, and customers, you may not be thinking about your own exit strategy… but you should. Start protecting your retirement with the advice in this episode.

Best-selling business author, John Warrillow, can help you avoid costly mistakes around aspects such as specializing, billing timelines, and equity sharing. Stop undermining your company’s value and find out what your business is really worth. Play your cards right in 2024, and you could set yourself up for an incredible lifestyle down the road.

3. How To Get $6.6M Out of One Salesperson - with Brad Baker & Devon Crowell

🌟 Why it made the list: Ever since the pandemic, customers have become increasingly comfortable with digital sales processes, which means the days of racing from house to house hoping to close a deal is no longer efficient… or necessary. The sales landscape is changing and this episode will help you gear up for disruption in 2024.

Brad Baker and Devon Crowell of Artisan Roofing will teach you how to benefit from automation, without losing the personal connection. They managed to drive nearly $7 million in sales with just one salesperson, in one of the economically toughest regions of the country. And they didn’t waste a second on the road.

4. Which Fire Should I Put Out Next? - with Mike Michalowicz

🌟 Why it made the list: Most entrepreneurs’ biggest problem is… they don’t know what their biggest problem is. How much time did you waste this year in a frenzy, focused on things that seemed important at the time but after the dust settled, turned out to be… not? Make 2024 the year you stop solving the wrong problems.

Best-selling business author, Mike Michalowicz, author of Fix This Next, offers a no-nonsense framework called The Business Priority Pyramid, which will help you develop the most vital skill for entrepreneurial success: prioritization. With this tool in your belt, you’ll never have to wonder again Which Fire Should I Put Out Next?

5. Selling Through a Downturn - with Marcus Sheridan

🌟 Why it made the list: In times like these, your customers have never been more primed for some good old-fashioned authenticity. This episode explores a great place to start by building a thoughtful content marketing program rooted in trust and transparency – two values that never go out of style.

Marcus Sheridan specializes in content marketing and inbound sales for contractors and home services. His philosophy is simple, but powerful: if your customers are asking about it, you should create content around it. Marcus knows how to survive a downturn. After successfully navigating his company, River Pools, through the 2008 financial crisis, he turned it into one of the most successful pool franchises in the US.

6. From $0 to $50 Million - with Mark Bradley

🌟 Why it made the list: If you’ve been busting your butt for a while now at a revenue in the low seven digits, 2024 is your year to reach the next level. Scaling up to being a $10 million company doesn’t just happen by accident, it requires an intentional plan and an evolution in your leadership style. Discover how to acquire both in this episode.

There’s no one better to learn from than Mark Bradley, who has built not one, but two, highly successful landscaping businesses: TBG Environmental, and software platform, Landscape Management Network (LMN). He’s accomplished all that by doing things others don’t, like taking on the tough jobs, and finding unique ways to gamify productivity.

7. How To Not Get Screwed by SEO Agencies - with Devon Hayes

🌟 Why it made the list: After much drumroll and debate, 2024 will finally usher in the end of Google’s use of third-party cookies. This means the marketing focus for trades companies will need to shift to findability and SEO. It also means many less-than-admirable marketing agencies will be on the hunt for easy prey. With this episode, that will not be you.

Learn the jargon and avoid getting taken advantage of with the help of marketing expert Devon Hayes, whose digital marketing agency works exclusively with contractors. She shares the best ways to invest your marketing dollars, find and engage with marketing pros, boost your online presence, and save your SEO sanity.

8. Strong Leadership in the Face of Tragedy - with Stephen Osborne

🌟 Why it made the list: One of the highlights of the year for Breakthrough Academy is the announcement of the “Turnaround of the Year” winner. This award is given to an entrepreneur who, despite facing harrowing obstacles, has managed to achieve exceptional growth. These individuals are pillars of inspiration, and winner Stephen Osborne is no exception. After hearing his story, there’ll be nothing 2024 can throw at you that you can’t handle.

When Stephen unexpectedly lost his dad, and founder of The Osborne Company, Stephen was left in the middle of a family feud that hit the business hard – they had a dire net profit of 1.7%. But within only two years, Stephen managed to bring The Osborne Company back from the brink, becoming one of the biggest EV charging station installers in the US, on track to do over $15 million in revenue, with a team that’s happier and more functional than ever. 

9. How To Build a Business Where Everyone Wins - with Tommy Mello & Al Levi

🌟 Why it made the list: Businesses are increasingly being evaluated not just on their financial success, but on their values, and treatment of their employees and partners. In 2024, think about how you can operate your business in a way that benefits everyone involved.

For a prime example of how sharing wins unlocks possibilities, listen to how Tommy Mello has rocketed A1 Garage Door Service into the stratosphere of a $200 million company operating in 37 markets. He plays big and he’s nowhere near done, with plans to take his company public later this decade. But he hasn’t accomplished it alone. In this podcast, Tommy is joined by one of his most trusted mentors, Al Levi, author of The 7 Power Contractor, who has helped Tommy cultivate his winning vision.

10. Implement Systems Faster: Change Management 101 - with Jeff Skipper

🌟 Why it made the list: Maybe your plan for 2024 involves a bunch of new systems or cool tech. Great. Do you also have a plan to make them stick? The biggest reason implementations fail is a lack of adoption. Staff just don’t see the point, or can’t see the need to learn new ways of doing things. With this podcast, your bold ideas for improving efficiency will never meet a blank stare again.

Combat apathy before you even begin your project by heeding the advice of change management consultant, Jeff Skipper, who has worked with renowned brands such as IBM, Suncor, Cenovus, Bayer, Molson and Sport Chek. 


Depending on the current state of your business or personal situation, some of these episodes may resonate more deeply than others. That’s why we didn’t rank them. We’ve presented these ideas for you to make them your own. 

As you continue on your entrepreneurial journey, remember that you don’t need to travel alone. The experienced coaches at Breakthrough Academy can give you a hand with shaping your goals… and formulating a plan to achieve them.

We’re not oracles, but we know this much: 2024 will be whatever you make it.

Go get ‘em.


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