Curtis and Channell are as real as you get.

These two don't know what it means to quit. In addition to running their business they've been raising a young family with 3 kids . On top of all that Channell completed the Mediation and Conflict Management Program from Harvard Law.

Curtis and Channell exemplify Leadership through their willingness to learn, adapt and grow for the sake of their family, their team, and their business.


  • Created a family-first business that allows them to spend quality time with their kids
  • Developed a strong Employer Brand that attracts the A-Players they need
  • Doubled revenue while increasing Gross Profit and Net Profit
  • Recognized on CTV for top cabinet refacing business in the Fraser Valley
  • System Implementation Highlights: GSR Meetings, SOPs for Production & Sales, CRM, QuickBooks, and a new Website
  • Channell is part of the CAF and graduated from Harvard in 2021.


"Our journey with BTA began when we met Danny Kerr at the Vancouver Home Show Oct 2019. Channell was pregnant with our third child Luke and it was our very first Home Show. Like so many businesses we were so excited to showcase what we did at 180 Kitchens and our refacing program. We quickly realized that in order to take our business to the height of our dreams we would need help. We knew that there was a gap in our model and that we were wearing too many hats to allow for those next levels.

It wasn't until we met Danny who spoke directly to this need that we realized BTA was exactly where we needed to be. We went through Blueprint and started to think about our business differently. It taught us how to step back and look at the big picture of our business as well as shed light on so many areas we didn't even realize were dragging us down. Once we finished Blueprint we were then introduced to year one content and our Coach.

What can I say - Thomas has been another game changer on our journey to a better, more efficient, business. Not only is he a great Business Coach but I honestly can say I consider him our friend. He has gone over and above to make time for us whether it be taking a call over Christmas to talk about our budget or coming to a home show and introducing us to his lovely fiancé. He makes this mountain we continue to climb just a little bit easier. We have been at this for just over a year and have seen major success. A lot of that comes from our meetings with our coach where we discuss strategy and are always held accountable.

When we started BTA we had 2 employees and 2 subcontractors. Channell and I wore every single hat in this business. All of the sales, installations, scheduling... the list goes on and on. We were working 60+ hours a week and constantly felt frustrated that we were giving so much, but still felt like we were spinning our wheels. It took starting with BTA to kick us into a new gear and start rolling. Now we are running, we have expanded to leasing an entire 5000 sq ft shop, we have 2 salaried managers, 6 hourly employees, 5 full-time subcontracted installers, 3 salespeople and we've even begun setting up employees to expand our business into another province. We have doubled our gross revenue in the first year and are expecting to be close to one and a half times that this year. We can honestly say we now understand our business, we face each day with purpose and direction and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us, for our Coach, and all our friends in Breakthrough Academy."

- Curtis and Channell Murray


Success Stories


Anthony Langdon exemplifies tenacity. He started his journey by roofing all day and then ran estimates in the evenings with his kids waiting for him in the truck.

Success Stories


Curtis and Channell are as real as you get. These two don't know what it means to quit. In addition to running their business, they've been raising a young family with 3 kids.

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