Ashley Ennis

Business Coach

For many years, Ashley has been pursuing her passion for entrepreneurial development and leadership both through investing in the lives of young entrepreneurs, and working in organizational management. She started her first business in 2008 in Calgary as a College Pro franchisee. After three years growing locally, Ashley was asked to take on leadership for College Pro Window Cleaners across Western Canada, moving her to her current home of Vancouver, British Columbia. She grew a team that pushed the boundaries of the business, setting records in both productivity and profitability across a very large geography. Throughout her career she has focused on developing her leadership, coaching, time management, and organizational skills alongside her degree in Psychology/ Economics.

Outside of work, Ashley, alongside her husband Jeremy and two young girls, love to discover & experience the outdoor adventures the West Coast has to offer. She is passionate about learning and enjoys exploring ideas new and old through the pages of a good book!