Benji Carlson

Content Lead

When Benji was just a teen, he exhibited his parents’ flair for entrepreneurship by founding a profitable small business. Later on, he built a highly successful franchise with College Pro Painters, earning accolades for having the most productive staff in the franchise network (and eventually generating over $1-million in revenue). His ability to find the right people and put them in the right place made him a natural for the Marketing team at Breakthrough Academy, which he joined in 2017.

As an Content Lead (as well as co-host of the Contractor Evolution podcast), Benji has demonstrated a talent for distilling vast amounts of information to address the root of any problem so that contractors can work on their business instead of just in it. Consequently, he has assessed more than 1,000 trades companies and helped them get on the path to scaling.

When Benji isn’t working his magic at BTA, he’s at home in Kelowna, B.C., bombing down trails on his mountain bike or tearing up the asphalt on his motorcycle.