Brian Crane

Business Coach

Brian has an unending passion for helping people and having a positive impact on peoples’ lives. Over the past two decades, he has worked with several large engineering corporations across every continent (aside from Antarctica!), while simultaneously and successfully running his own businesses – in everything from chrome plating, robotics, to a consultancy firm. He has even owned a car garage! Through those experiences he has honed his craft in steering people and projects to success. With a Master of Engineering degree in Mining and Mineral Processing and an MBA, Brian’s analytical mind combines well with his natural talent at forming strong business relationships. Plus, his communication skills are second to none, making him able to relate and be relatable with people from all walks of life. After a two-year stint working on a $7-billion nickel mine project in New Caledonia (where he lived in a shipping container), his impact on the local Indigenous Kanak people and giving them a voice was such that a party was held in his honour.

Newfoundland-born Brian believes in the value of drilling down deep to better understand what motivates someone and makes them happy. That’s just one of many reasons why he is a perfect fit at the BTA family. Having taken numerous projects throughout his career from concept to completion, he has a firm understanding of the steps needed through every stage of the process. A natural-born entrepreneur, Brian knows that while some leadership attributes come naturally, others can be learned and developed… and he is excited to be the one to help others grow.

Not many people may know this about Brian, but he is a martial arts teacher and while living in Australia helped train special forces. We didn’t tell you this, but he’s actually a big softy, and loves nothing more than playing piano or picking up his acrylics and bringing art to life. His latest creation is inspired by the movie Heat. Brian, who now lives in Quebec, believes in giving back to his community and is a silent partner in a farm-to-table eatery venture that aims to bring opportunity to a low-income neighbourhood. Brian is, by his very nature, a social creature and ridiculously likeable!