Brody Funk

Business Coach

After getting his feet wet, through two apprenticeships in his early twenties, Brody gained an appreciation and love for the trades. Partnering his new passion with his natural drive and ambition, Brody founded a small plumbing company on Vancouver Island. Through strategic planning, robust systemization and thoughtful leadership, he scaled that company to employ 90 staff while doubling it’s revenue in 2021 from $7M to $14M. This massive growth coupled with his fully systemized business made it incredibly attractive to buyers and he sold his company with an exciting exit in 2022. 

Brody’s extensive experience in every phase of the entrepreneurial journey is what makes him a powerhouse addition to BTA. In the final few years of owning his company, he discovered the business he was really in: Building Leaders. He is incredibly relationship driven and is continually looking to sharpen his already robust training and development skills, while he supports our BTA Community. We couldn’t be more excited to have Brody as part of our powerhouse Coaching Team and his experience in building companies from the ground up and developing skilled leaders are invaluable to his Members and everyone else he connects with. 

Spending time with his family tends to be at the top of Brody’s to-do list when he’s out in the world. He and his amazing wife Amanda have been together since high school and have raised three incredible children (two daughters – Emerie and Eden & their son – Kerby). He leads a life of learning and connection, often spending time with those dear to him or digging into a new book or podcast. Always, with a good espresso in hand. If you are looking to chat tattoos, Brody is the man to connect with. You wouldn’t know it to look at him but he has an amazing collection.