Carissa Carleton

Business Coach - Accelerator

Carissa has a thorough understanding of the whole business life cycle, having built and led her company from its inception to its acquisition. Her exceptional background spans a wide range of industries, including retail, energy, engineering, building, and not-for-profit. With such diverse experience and a focus on helping others and improving the world around her, Carissa is the ideal person to help guide the BTA Community to achieving their own goals.

Achievement and growth have been at the forefront of Carissa’s history, but her drive to improve the lives of others has been her north star throughout. She has committed a great deal of her time to supporting the autism community by holding positions on the boards of directors for two foundations that promote inclusion in employment, education, housing, and community. Being able to combine her passions for business development and making marked impacts on the lives of those around her makes Carissa perfect to champion BTA and the Contractor Growth Method.

With a shared family passion for travel and learning, Carissa, her husband, three kids, and two dogs spend a lot of time exploring and adventuring out in the world. Hiking, camping, and skiing are pretty common pastimes that refill the family cup. Not to mention her love of cars and racing. In fact, Carissa and her husband have a goal of getting a one-way ticket to a Barrett Jackson auction and needing to successfully buy a car to get back home. If all that isn’t enough, she never really plans to stop working. She aims to get a medical degree in her 70s in developmental neurology. I’m sure it’ll be a sight when 70-year-old Carissa drifts her race car into the parking lot before lectures.