Craig White

Business Coach

Craig hails from modest roots and is a self-confessed former workaholic who has finally discovered the joys of work-life balance. He started work at a very young age and went on to juggle three jobs to put himself through school before joining the automotive sector (he studied Business Admin, Accounting at Sheridan College and Business Operations Management at DeVry University). At the age of 26 Craig was running an automotive plant and overseeing 300 people. Throughout his 20+ year career, Craig has taken a number of businesses on explosive growth journeys: one being a structural steel firm that went from $15 million to $100 million in sales. While at the company he managed to penetrate an untapped market in Canada with interlock bricks mold repair and in 2.5 years increased sales of the company from 0 to $4 million through the careful implementation of management systems and processes. In his first year of running his own company (ACS All Canadian Sorting & All Canadian Safety – one of six he was running at the time), he brought in $7.5 million in sales.

Mentoring business leaders to success is a true passion for Craig. As a Business Coach he has a deep understanding of what it takes to grow a business, from training to new product launches and beyond, and has seen success after success. Craig will humbly admit that he fell into the entrepreneurial trap of work, work, work, but finally saw the light. His experience really is second to none. It allows him to see things differently. He loves nothing more than taking those hard-knock business lessons as well as his successes and helping other entrepreneurs live the life they dream of.

Ontario born and bred, is an outdoor enthusiast. Craig passed his love of the outdoors down to both his daughters, Jessica and Christina. After hanging up his dirt biking boots, he took to ATVing and racks up 1000s of miles a year. When he’s not braaaping it up, you will find him enjoying the outdoors, or even fishing up in Northern Ontario year-round. He’s also a city boy at heart. He and his girlfriend love socializing, going to shows and the theatre, watching his friends DJ at the local clubs, and going to restaurants. Don’t tell him we told you this, but he’s a bit of a chef himself, too. If you’re lucky, he may just invite you round for his signature prime rib special!