James Dale

Director of Coaching & Program Development

James Dale didn’t just want to become an entrepreneur, he was determined to advance entrepreneurship for all. While attending the University of Victoria, he staged business plan competitions and job fairs to help others launch their careers. In 2003, he ran his first business via College Pro, became Vice President, grew revenues to over $11 million, and trained more than 500 business owners. In 2013, he launched a real estate development company, followed by an office services business.

James’s voracious appetite for helping entrepreneurs reach their utmost potential makes him ideally suited as Director of Training and Development at Breakthrough Academy. He also loves working with BTA’s team in supporting the growth of a new breed of contractors.

James resides in Nanaimo, B.C. with his wife Roxanne and sons Nolan and Lucas. During his off-hours his drive to improve extends to his own physicality: he can frequently be found exhibiting his black belt skills in martial arts classes and breaking new records at obstacle course races.