James Dale

Director of Training and Development

For the past 15 years James Dale’s passion has been assisting companies grow their profits and helping entrepreneurs reach their potential. While attending the University of Victoria he founded business plan competitions and job fairs to help young entrepreneurs launch their businesses and careers. In 2003 he began his career with College Pro running his first business. With a strong dedication to developing his team, he eventually became the Vice President of the company and grew revenues to over $11 million and trained over 500 business owners. In 2013, he started a real estate development company and started and sold an office services business. Even with these new ventures he has continued his passion for training and helping companies grow and is proud and excited to be working with many of his old colleagues from College Pro.

James resides in Nanaimo, British Columbia with his wife Roxanne and newborn son Nolan. Proof that he’s not just a business vet, James can often be found with his black belt at martial arts classes and setting record times at obstacle course races.