Jane Kluk

Operations Lead

As an entrepreneur, Jane has experienced first hand the challenge of not having the proper business systems in place and working 60–hour weeks to compensate. As such, she was determined to improve her own skills – and also vowed to help others establish the most efficient methods of conducting business. Ultimately, she earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Operations Management at the Alberta School of Business as well as a President’s Club award for her management of her College Pro franchise. 

As Breakthrough Academy’s Operations Lead, Jane uses her entrepreneurial experience to help Members regain control of their lives and spend more time with the people they care about – while improving the outcomes of their businesses. Internally, Jane works to improve the efficiency of the way that we do work on the BTA Team and completes process improvement projects and updates to our internal systems and operating procedures. She also enjoys planning BTA’s Winter Summits, because they allow her to connect with old friends and meet new Members.

Jane has an abiding love for the outdoors, and her idea of bliss is spending her downtime hiking through remote corners of the Canadian Rockies with her dog, Louie. She also has a complete inability to kick her feet up and relax for any span of time. So, she has taken her love of pottery to the next level and now owns her own pottery studio. It’s been a perfect way for her to build a community of amazing people who come together to be creative. A way to fill her cup… after crafting it herself.