Lauren Frost

Content Producer

Lauren’s drive stems from her love of connecting with people. Whether that connection comes through impactful content or emanates from the stage, her gift for leaving a lasting impression on those around her remains consistent. During her previous role at a full-service marketing agency, she developed high-quality, brand-consistent content for business across many industries.

Her ability to effortlessly connect with everyone she comes in contact with is on clear display in every bit of content she crafts.  Lauren’s creativity stems from her evident love for discovering what matters most to people. Her thoughtful and genuine nature adds to her already formidable skill set and makes her a perfect fit in the BTA team. She is excited to use her amazing content to significantly impact the lives of the BTA Community by leveraging her true connection to the BTA value of genuinely caring about people.

Lauren and her partner Calvin have laid down roots in Kelowna, British Columbia, following her upbringing on Vancouver Island with her Dad, stepmom and sisters. She is also heavily involved in the theatre community at all levels, recently writing, directing, and producing her first entry into the Fringe Festival. Lauren also loves lifting weights, sweating it out in a spin class, and getting out for a hike in the gorgeous local wilderness. After all that activity, she also enjoys unwinding with a good role-playing game. So much so, that video game streams are often the background noise to her busy life.