Matt Balfe

Business Coach

With a life spent entirely in the builder space, Matt knows construction bumper to bumper. He has worked for both small and midsize businesses as well as major multinational corporations, gaining first-hand knowledge in operations, sales and marketing, customer service, logistics, business development, ERPs, and project management. With such vast insight and expertise, it’s easy to see why Matt excelled in running his consulting firm and he is excited every day to bring that knowledge to our BTA Community, to help fuel their own growth and achievement. 

Although Matt’s career has been characterized by a high-performance culture, his true driving force is his love of forming enduring connections wherever he goes. He understands the value of having a trusted advisor to support a business and he strives to fill that role dutifully for every Member he connects with. He can reach a wider audience and have a more significant impact, as part of BTA’s high-performing team, than would ever be possible on his own and, with his constant drive to improve the lives and businesses of those around him, he has found a perfect place in our Community. 

Living out in Ontario’s stunning cottage country, Matt has an incredible corner of the world to share with his wife, Katie, their two kids, Elin and Tanner, and the glue of any family, their Golden Retriever, Gibson. Their family fills the weeks with outdoor activities and adventures, so they make sure to spend their downtime reconnecting with each other and enjoying some much-needed recharging time. Matt also happens to be an amazing baker. So much so, that there is now an exciting and sometimes exhausting tradition of creating elaborate and delicious cakes for every birthday in their house. I’m waiting on my slice but I’d be happy to add you to the waitlist as well.