Shane Bannerman

Business Coach

Shane is the epitome of a good old fashioned success story, having worked his way from a boots-on-the-ground employee to becoming a shining example of a great and impactful leader. During his 16 years with Flight Centre he went from selling travel to eventually becoming an area leader overseeing 15 shops in Toronto with a staff of 130. In fact, the VPs in Australia were so impressed by his numbers and people skills that he was given a monumental task: to uproot his family for two years and move to Australia to an area that was seeing a $700,000 annual loss. In less than one year, he turned it around to become a $1 million net profit business; the fifth most improved area in the entire world. During his time at Flight Centre Shane became involved in everything from recruiting, onboarding and training to marketing and brand development.

Having worn so many hats and with his solution-driven mindset Shane is perfect for his role as business coach for BTA. He loves nothing more than helping people become the best version of themselves. Working together on unique solutions and then holding each other accountable in order to bring those ideas to life and ensure personal and business success is what gets him out of bed in the morning. For Shane, his passion lies in changing lives, for both the leaders and their employees.

Travel is obviously in Shane’s DNA, plus, he has worked in four countries (Canada, the U.S., Australia, and the U.K.) which gives him a unique global insight into the business world and different cultures. When he’s not hopping on a plane, you will find Shane at a Toronto Raptors game (he’s a season ticket holder), playing basketball in what he jokingly calls “the old mans’ league,” and spending time with his wife Janet and their two kids, Alexis and Reid, in their hometown of Toronto. When you chat with him, don’t forget to ask him about his huge sneaker collection!