Steve Naumoff

Business Coach

Since starting his first landscaping franchise business, straight out of university, building high-performing teams and fueling rapid business growth have shown up consistently in Steve’s life. With that business, he immediately went on to win fastest growing franchise and franchise of the year before successfully selling the business and kickstarting his passion for entrepreneurial life. He has consulted and worked with businesses to identify areas of opportunity and create a culture of high performance within their teams. With his wealth of experience steering businesses in the right direction and building businesses to the point of sale, he is an invaluable support for our BTA Community in achieving their goals. 

Since starting his first business, Steve has turned around and grown countless businesses. Helping businesses focus their teams around a common goal he has been able to effect unreal results wherever he goes. He turned a construction equipment rental company from a $1M loss to a $1M net profit, driving revenue from $3.5M to $9M! Steve also helped an Energy Conservation business from $1.5M to $4.5M in just 24 months! Amazing numbers like this are impressive enough, but the alignment and focus of the teams within those businesses are an equally impressive impact of Steve’s continued influence. He loves sharing and leveraging his past experiences with fellow entrepreneurs and there is no better place to do that than BTA. 

Steve is a high powered guy at all times. When he is out in the world, you can find him ripping around land and sea on off-road motorcycles and sea-doos. He does occasionally slow down a little to travel with his wife and find new and interesting hikes to explore. He also happens to be a Primal Health Coach. So, if you are looking for new superfood concoction ideas, he is your man!