Vicki-Lyn Fleary

Administrative Coordinator

Vicki-Lyn is a champion of fostering growth in those around her and pushing organizational excellence through systemization. With rich experience driving projects and implementing standards at higher education institutions, such as Trinity Western and York House School, she has a well earned ability to manage large numbers with her finely attuned attention to detail. Vicki-Lyn even took her skills on the road, as an integral part of a US tour, for the music group Hillsong. With that wealth of knowledge and planning skillset, you can see why she is a perfect fit at BTA. 

At Breakthrough Academy, Vicki-Lyn is able to put her genuine care for people to work every day. She brings her all to every project and interaction, fueled by a need to show that determination and drive have rewarding results. In her role as Administrative Coordinator, she collaborates directly with our Director of Training and Development to eliminate barriers and facilitate meaningful content creation for our incredible Members. Vicki-Lyn has found a home at BTA, where she can deliver her high end results, surrounded by a team moving at her speed, focused on making a difference in the lives of our community. 

When she is away from her desk, Vicki-Lyn is connecting with her community at Church, enjoying some music with one of the DJ’s she manages, and the people that drive her excellence most, her four amazing children. It’s unsurprising that her kids, spanning from 24 to 14 years old, share her passion for achievement. They are high-end athletes, crushing it in football, basketball, and cheerleading! You can also find her surrounded by her three adorable dogs, Coco, Chanel, & Milky. If that doesn’t keep her busy enough, you may also see her fly by on her motorcycle from time to time. Like the wind flying past her bike, she is a force of nature.