Let’s crank things up a notch

Being part of a group of successful entrepreneurs like you, is incredibly powerful and a damn good time. You suddenly have likeminded people to hangout with who are on the same journey as you, have battled the same challenges, found some of the solutions you’re looking for and enjoy chasing great times.

This isn’t just a bunch of good people (although we are). We’ve rigorously screened and vetted every single person to create a performance culture like no other. Together, we are all committed to helping each other achieve greater business results and live more balanced personal and family lives.

Outside of sharing a ton of good times, we also share key business data and documents. Imagine what you can do with access to things like other businesses gross profit margins, sales manuals and how they move from sales to production. You suddenly have a new measuring stick for your business that will naturally drive you to more success.

This is a different way to think about business that’s based on trust and ditching the old school business mentality of being fearful of competitors. Once you see how greatly we’re all benefiting from it, this perspective shift will be an easy one.

The Events

Sometimes you gotta say ‘f’ the day-to-day

The ‘f’ meant ‘forget’, btw. Our events are a blend of rugged adventure and high level business reflection and planning. These are amazing, once in a lifetime opportunities, to learn and recharge with other seasoned entrepreneurs.