Anthony Langdon exemplifies tenacity.

He started his journey by roofing all day and then ran estimates in the evenings with his kids waiting for him in the truck.

Having a bigger vision for his future and his family drove him to build a company that now allows him to work a sustainable 30-40 hour work week and enjoy multiple vacations a year, all without sacrificing growth or profit.

On top of everything, under his leadership, he has promoted a value system within his sales and production process that results in higher margins on each job.


  • Anthony has doubled revenue every year for 4 years: 400k -> $1.2m -> $2.4m -> $5m -> $10m.
  • He understands his numbers deeply and uses them to make data-driven decisions.
  • He got out of his own way, owned the issues in his business, and started fresh.
  • After realizing the people he had in place were not a "values fit", he did the hard thing and rebuilt his entire team from scratch. He now leads 4 people in the office, 30 in the field, plus a growing sales team.
  • He has created a commercial real estate company.
  • In Anthony's words, “I don’t even need to come to work”.


When I joined BTA, I had 4 guys. I would roof ALL day and run sales appointments in the evenings and Saturdays with 1- 4 of my kids with me in the truck. I would do proposals and deal with customer issues at night. I was working 70-80 hours a week.

We never took vacations, we never had family time except driving to church or driving with dad to dump trailers or measure roofs. Before BTA, my CRM was my brain and a notebook. My sales process was basically me saying," I'm a roofer, I work really hard, help me support my kids.

Fast forward to today, I'm going into my 3rd year of Breakthrough Academy. I have 4 amazing office staff, 30 field employees, and an amazingly diverse culture that is such a joy to be around and be involved with.

I work a structured 40 hours a week and I could easily work 30. My family and I have taken multiple vacations this past year and for the first time ever have plans scheduled for the summer.

I have implemented numerous softwares and systems. These tools have allowed me and my team to create a monster production system that is extremely streamlined. This allows my office staff to coordinate with crews and communicate with customers, we produce roofs at an extremely efficient level.

I have a sales process that promotes the value and the proven production process that allows us to sell jobs with a higher margin. We consistently produce at 42%+ GP and 20%+ NP.”

- Anthony Langdon


Success Stories


Anthony Langdon exemplifies tenacity. He started his journey by roofing all day and then ran estimates in the evenings with his kids waiting for him in the truck.

Success Stories


Curtis and Channell are as real as you get. These two don't know what it means to quit. In addition to running their business, they've been raising a young family with 3 kids.

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