At the Breakthrough Academy, we believe in two core principles: that choosing the entrepreneurial path is a courageous journey towards achieving a fulfilled life of freedom and control; and that the trades industries offer a thriving platform for a business owner to realize their maximum potential.

What we do:

As we help entrepreneurs in the trades and home service industries take their businesses to the next level, our beliefs guide every step of what we do. We lead our clients along their journey with strong direction and a high level of support, so that each business maintains it’s creative individually yet is guided by proven principles that foster successful growth. Those in our program share our values and are motivated to not only maximize the potential of their business, but themselves as people and entrepreneurs.

How we do it:

The Breakthrough program is designed to provide a clear path to growing a successful trades or home service company, and support entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams. The entire program is based on dozens of years of experience running home service companies and achieving proven results. These concepts have both built successful franchise systems from scratch, and scaled small companies to multi-million dollar organizations. We are experts at working with trades and home service entrepreneurs, with all of our systems and processes tailored for application in the industry.

The structure of the program is set up in a way to maximize the implementation and results of concepts that are proven to create great companies. Upon a successful application and interview, our clients enter the program by attending the Breakthrough Blueprint course where we cover six core principles that must exist within every successful and scalable trades business. Those who want to properly implement these concepts into their organizations enter the Breakthrough Implementation program, which gives guidance from a dedicated industry coach on an ongoing basis. In addition to this, we’ve created a performance culture among the entrepreneurs in the program that fosters collaboration and group learning. From online discussions to semi-annual conferences, this is an environment where business owners no longer have to be alone in their entrepreneurial journey.

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